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Powder coating

Powder coating is used to cover and protect metal parts. Powder coating is a solvent-free powdered mixture consisting of resin, hardener, pigment, filler, and additives. Polyester, epoxy, and blends of these two are the most commonly used powders.

The powder is applied with a special powder coating gun and then heated at around 180C for about 20 minutes. After cooling, the paint has adhered to the metal and the coating has achieved its final strength.

Advantages of powder coating:

– no waiting time for the paint to dry
– even color and high-quality result are guaranteed, even for complex shapes
– uniform application without any risk of paint sagging
– minimal paint loss
– environmentally friendly (powder does not contain toxic solvents, color pigments are heavy-metal-free, waste is safer than regular household waste)


– not suitable for covering rusty surfaces.

The main goal of powder coating is to achieve a uniform and high-quality end result. To achieve the best possible outcome, the surface is pretreated to ensure that the paint adheres better. The surfaces that are covered in liquid paint or rust are cleaned with a sandblaster. Plastic and rubber parts are removed before painting since the metal part is heated during the process. Currently, the dimensions of the oven are 8200x1500x2300mm.

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